Our Approach

Give + Share acts as a central nervous system for real-time community coordinated humanitarian response while managing community resources such as food, shelter, access to justice, humanitarian governance support, tools, training and more.


When there is a humanitarian disaster the “cluster approach” is the best practice for international humanitarian aid and architecture. The founder has spent over a decade producing humanitarian-based programs and consulting within this space in Haiti post-2010 earthquake and lived in Haiti for half a decade. While mitigating risks surrounding urban food security we continually observe and listen to stakeholders and have found that there is a lack of humanitarian infrastructure within the urban context here in Vancouver as well as other Canadian municipalities. Give + Share is not only timely, it is necessary to implement and scale to build back better and have healthy resilient cities. We use technology and innovation to shape and progress the delivery model of humanitarian action—saving lives, alleviating human suffering, and mitigating the economic and social impact of disasters such as  (COVID -19). 

We recognize the links between independent humanitarian action and broader aid policies. Give + Share’s technology can be implemented by Governments, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Non-Governmental Organizations  &  NPOs to support humanitarian architecture within an urban context and delivery model.


The principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence are fundamental to humanitarian action.

Humanity means that human suffering must be addressed wherever it is found, with particular attention to the most vulnerable.


Leveraging Give + Shares technology supports the basic principles of humanitarian action while providing a stable base and central governance system which in turn creates more social impact. We have a free “Guest” version for anyone to access regardless of their budget and also a paid SaaS solution as well as a licence for “Agencies” on our mobile app which offers more features, both are compatible with Mac, PC, iOS & Android devices.


Give + Share provides the governance and infrastructure required in order to support those who need it most while helping the economy to recover i.e. when the most vulnerable have Maslow's hierarchy of needs met they can become contributors to the betterment of society and economic recovery. The founder is an example of that as she accessed community supports and stayed in shelters to get on her feet when she first got out of the child welfare system as a young adult and has faced many precarious scenarios relating to her hierarchy of needs.

A component related to the ideation process of Give + Share transpired in 2013 when the founder was living in Port au Prince Haiti. Steph was using media and film to document stateless individuals in Haiti and those who were born into systemic poverty and did not have any ID therefore they “technically” did not exist and in order for individuals to sign affidavits attesting to their human rights being violated they first needed to exist “digitally”. Steph came up with a concept to create a governance system to support this process which is the backbone of what Give + Share is today. 

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