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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Limage Media Group developed and currently manages a public google map tracking the status of free and low-cost meals in Vancouver BC Canada during the COVID-19 outbreak. The goal was to provide ongoing updates to reflect the current status of meal programs as programming adjusted throughout the emergency. Limage Media Group has worked without any remuneration to coordinate efforts in developing this map which now has over one hundred and forty thousand organic users and is also available as static maps through a memorandum of understanding Limage Media Group has with the City of Vancouver. LMG collates and reconciles data to develop the static maps and keep the digital map up to date. The Static Maps are now available in five languages (Punjabi, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese and English) to cater to the diverse demographics within Vancouver and beyond while providing printable maps for NGO’S and NPO’S to provide to those who have no access to the internet. The map provides an up-to-date source of info for people who need free/low-cost meals while reducing the number of individual requests for status updates that meal providers are currently receiving (as requests for info can be directed to the map), and to Inform community-led and City-led emergency responses to food security concerns.


Through these efforts, Give + Share has been developed and inspired through the founder's personal experiences with poverty and homelessness when she exited out of the child welfare system as a young adult. 

Give + Share was created to help mitigate risks during and after an urban humanitarian crisis.

Give + Share helps to unify and manage the flow of data and updates of free to low-cost meals, shelter and other community resources all in one location. Give + Share is free and easy to use with downloadable tutorials on humanitarian best practices & governance tools for NGO and NPO frontline workers. Give + Share provides frontline workers and organizations free templates to adopt humanitarian best practices as well as free downloadable static maps & resources for internal and external distribution to provide tools for those who may not have access to the internet.

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